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Dubliners Dilemma • October 29A one-man show adapted and performed by Declan Gorman, based on “Dubliners” by James Joyce.

Gorman’s solo performance, based on Joyce’s ever-popular first book of short stories, has toured to every major venue in Ireland and in select venues in Europe and North America.

About the play

In 1914 the world stood on the brink of extinction. Yet the cause was not the outbreak of the war to end all wars. No, it was the possibility of James Joyce’s classic collection of short stories Dubliners finally going to print after nine years searching for a publisher. A book so terrifying eighteen publishers ran from it. Printers refused to print it for fear of what it might unleash upon the world. But one man dared to look squarely at the dilemma Dubliners presented to him.

In The Dubliners Dilemma publisher Grant Richards is offered a chance at redemption having originally rejected the offending manuscript years before. Facing into a soul-searching struggle Richards must decide between publish and be damned and publish or be damned in this delightful treat.

Alternating between an array of real and fictional characters, including the maestro Joyce himself, Gorman’s re-imagining of the moral and personal struggle Richards faced is wonderfully conveyed. If stakes are minimal, as we already know the outcome, the potential cost to Richards compensates somewhat and is something well worth being reminded of. Indeed, in a climate where certain college students are clamoring to have books banned for fear of their causing offence, the choices facing those who chose to resist moral outrage and censorship is beautifully positioned in this feather light work with a backbone of steel.

The streets and characters of Joyce’s Dublin come magically to life in all their sordid and comic glory in this solo performance, described as “compelling” (Irish Theatre Magazine); “ingenious” (Mail on Sunday) and “truly mesmerizing” (Metro Herald).




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