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 Heart of an Irishwoman, Vacaville • Feb 4

Irish actor Sheelagh Cullen in a tour de force performance along with Katherine Trimble (singer) and Bella Issakova (violin), take us home to the heart of great Irish women in an afternoon of literature, song and music. From the producer of An Irish Christmas. Vacaville Performing Arts Theater tickets

ILHS February Speaker Series • Feb 25

Irish Literary & Historical Society presents Hernando Torres-Fernandez, Consul General of Peru and Robert O’Driscoll, Consul General of Ireland in “The Soul of the Potato”.

The potato originated around Lake Titicaca in the High Andes of Peru and has been consumed by Andeans for 8000 years. Europeans first encounter with the potato was probably by Spanish Explorer Francisco Pizarro in 1502. The potato then traveled by a circuitous route first to Spain, then England around 1560 and on to Ireland and other countries before coming back across the Atlantic to the Virginia Colony in North America in 1621. Being so easy to plant and so nutritious, the potato spread around the world and is now a major security food in Russia, India, China and Africa. Hernando will describe the important research at the International Potato Center in Lima, where the cause and remedy of the potato blight of the Great Famine was discovered. An 8 minute film, “Potato Biodiversity”, will be shown. UICC, 5pm more

ILHS St. Patrick’s Banquet • Mar 11

The Literary & History Society’s Saint Patrick’s Banquet this year commemorates the SF Irish Labor Movement, honoring former ILHS Board Chairman Edward Callanan at the UICC. Tickets and information at ilhssf.org or email event chair Maureen Barry

Bay Area Book Festival • April 28-29

Irish writers tba. Watch this space!

Tens of thousands of book lovers meet hundreds of acclaimed authors over an exciting weekend in downtown Berkeley, California. One of the premier literary events in the nation.


Irish Writers’ Festival, Los Gatos • October 5-8, 2017

The Los Gatos Irish Writers’ Festival, October 5th-8th, is a four-day festival featuring Irish writers, artists, and musicians. Full program here


Volunteers neededemail for information.


Eanlaí Cronin Workshops


Alameda-based Irish writer Eanlaí Cronin‘s workshops are based on the Amherst Writers and Artists Method, which believes that every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to experiment, learn, and develop craft. Each workshop drops writers easily and instantly into the core content asking to be written through them, whether it is poetry, fiction, memoir or journal and process writing. Participants write to carefully prepared prompts designed to prime the creative pump, read their work aloud (though not required), and give and receive positive feedback using a simple and skillful AWA format. Open to writers of all ability levels.

Workshops start every few months so email Eanlai at eanlaicronin@gmail.com for more information or to register for the next session.

No previous writing experience is required. Just book your place in advance and take the Amherst Writers and Artists Method for a test drive.

“The time spent in Eanlai’s writing workshop has been a profound healing experience for me. Eanlai creates a space for creativity with the freedom to express yourself without inhibition.  The healing is not just from my own writing, but from hearing the words and wisdom of the other writers in the group.  It is mystical.” – Sharon Kuhn, Fremont, CA