Remembering Tom Hayden • 1939 – 2016

Tom Hayden, who passed away October 23, 2016, was an iconic figure in America’s anti-war movement and a campaigner over many years for peace and justice in Northern Ireland. He led an extraordinary life of organizing, writing, and political reform. He put himself on the line during Mississippi Summer in 1964, was a principal opponent of the Vietnam War, a defendant in the Chicago Seven trial, and served nearly 20 years in the California legislature. He was the principal author in 1962 of the founding manifesto of Students for a Democratic Society. wiki

Writing Groups & Workshops •

Crossroads Writers’ Salon • Mar 26

The Crossroads Salon is a forum for writers and artists who have Irish or Irish-American heritages or are interested in exploring Irish-American themes, as well as for readers and viewers who want to participate in this exploration. Participants are invited to bring original work or the work of others (poetry, prose, visual or performance art). This relaxed and convivial event will be held in a private home in San Francisco RSVP for more information. 707-235-9858.

Eanlaí Cronin Workshops


Alameda-based Irish writer Eanlaí Cronin’s workshops are based on the Amherst Writers and Artists Method, which believes that every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to experiment, learn, and develop craft. Each workshop drops writers easily and instantly into the core content asking to be written through them, whether it is poetry, fiction, memoir or journal and process writing. Participants write to carefully prepared prompts designed to prime the creative pump, read their work aloud (though not required), and give and receive positive feedback using a simple and skillful AWA format. Open to writers of all ability levels.

Six-week program currently running Tuesday nights, and Wednesday mornings to Feb 22. For further info email

Join Eanlai on Sunday, February 5, 2017, for a monthly writing group full of prompts, positive feedback and chatty tea breaks. Or on Saturday, February 18, 2017 for a One-Day Writing Retreat. No previous writing experience is required. Just book your place in advance and take the Amherst Writers and Artists Method for a test drive.

Have questions? Email Eanlai at for more information or to save your spot .

The time spent in Eanlai’s writing workshop has been a profound healing experience for me. Eanlai creates a space for creativity with the freedom to express yourself without inhibition.  The healing is not just from my own writing, but from hearing the words and wisdom of the other writers in the group.  It is mystical. – Sharon Kuhn, Fremont, CA

2016: In Memory of Eddie Stack

eddiefrontIn Memoriam – Oct 27th – An evening of stories for Eddie Stack  (1950-2016)

(event has passed)

Eddie Stack, a beloved teacher and friend, admired writer, and talented musician, left us on July 4, 2016.  The Program in Celtic Studies at UC-Berkeley, together with the Irish Literary and Historical Society of San Francisco, propose to hold an evening of story-telling in his memory. Stories about Eddie, stories we heard Eddie tell, stories Eddie would have liked. Scheduled speakers will include Robert Tracy (Professor Emeritus, Department of English) and there will be an open mic after the scheduled speakers.  Refreshments will be served in 371 Dwinelle.   6-9 PM, October 27, 2016, 370 Dwinelle Hall, on the UC-Berkeley campus

See Irish Times obituary



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