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Photo Exhibition, Madrone SF • Jan 15-Mar 11

In the Company of Lawyers: Photos by Pat Goggins opens January 15, Madrone Art Bar, San Francisco

For 34 years, from 1961-1994, Pat Goggins sold a million law books to lawyers – the essential tools of the trade in an era before the internet. During this time, Pat studied his clients – observing them in law schools and witnessing them representing clients. He watched many become judges and public servants at all levels. Pat found the law to be a noble process that serves to help people. He admires the contributions of lawyers in our communities and for society – participating with them in causes and seeing them in leisure time. After retirement, he began capturing just a few of the many lawyers Pat knows and loves in their off-duty moments with his old Hasselblad film camera.

His 2018 exhibit of black and white photographs, In the Company of Lawyers, gives us a glimpse into the distinctive lives of various attorneys, and reveals hints of why Pat appreciates their humanity.


Irish Artists in SF • Feb 8 – Apr 5

Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, 3130 24th St., San Francisco. Reception March 29th 5:30-7:30pm

We Only Want the Earth! features contemporary Irish artists Mark Curran, Michaële Cutaya, Ella de Burca, Catherine Delaney, Doireann ni Ghrioghair, Sean Lynch, and Tom Molloy in an exhibition curated by Jim Ricks. Every Thursday, over the course of two months, politically motivated Irish artists’ work is on view, informed by the officialness of Irishness, the Irish state, and the absurdo-political methodologies of Dadaism, tracing origins to 1916. The title of the show comes from the writings of James Connolly, and the works relate back to the current state and mood in Ireland post-financial boom: lingering austerity measures, civil liberties, the looming crises of reactionary Nationalism from both the US and the UK and the struggle to legalize abortion. As such, themes of national identity, artistic value, and financial capital are prevalent. All of the artists work intimately with complex political issues revealing different sensitivities through skillful actualization.

5:30-7:30 Thursdays. Feb 15 Performance with Rachelle Bussieres; Feb 22 Reading of Finnegans Wake; Mar 8 Sean Lynch and Mark Curran videos begin, Mar 15 Uilleann pipes mashup concert with Timothy Hill, Mar 29 Closing with the Irish Consul General and celebration.

For more information email Curator Jim Ricks at

Fine Art Photography from Ireland • Los Gatos

Stunning exhibition of abstract, architectural fine art photography by Cork-based artist Roseanne Lynch is on view at Whitney Modern Gallery, Los Gatos.

‘Eloquent proof’ is a play on the term ‘elegant proof’ used in a 2015 dialogue between photographer Roseanne Lynch and a research mathematician. From this Lynch saw the resemblance between how a mathematician and an artist describe their research practices, both driven by curiosity to find particular outcomes. The term ‘elegant proof’ describes a novel and refined resolving of an exact mathematical problem, while her play on words allows something searching, uncertain and communicative.

Lynch’s photographical architectural studies made in early 20th century French modernist houses, including Eileen Gray’s E 1027, are an exploration of her experience of designed space, rather than a documentary of the various sites. She approaches her work with the question ‘What could a photograph that I make here do?’ whereas a mathematician looks for a one true unyielding outcome. Lynch rather brings the viewer into a photographic enquiry of space and time, and presents a question with her photographic evidence of her bodily engagement with place.

Whitney Modern Gallery, 24 N. Santa Cruz Ave

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