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Fine Art Photography from Ireland • Los Gatos, thru October

Stunning exhibition of abstract, architectural fine art photography by Cork-based artist Roseanne Lynch is on view at Whitney Modern Gallery, Los Gatos, in October.

‘Eloquent proof’ is a play on the term ‘elegant proof’ used in a 2015 dialogue between photographer Roseanne Lynch and a research mathematician. From this Lynch saw the resemblance between how a mathematician and an artist describe their research practices, both driven by curiosity to find particular outcomes. The term ‘elegant proof’ describes a novel and refined resolving of an exact mathematical problem, while her play on words allows something searching, uncertain and communicative.

Lynch’s photographical architectural studies made in early 20th century French modernist houses, including Eileen Gray’s E 1027, are an exploration of her experience of designed space, rather than a documentary of the various sites. She approaches her work with the question ‘What could a photograph that I make here do?’ whereas a mathematician looks for a one true unyielding outcome. Lynch rather brings the viewer into a photographic enquiry of space and time, and presents a question with her photographic evidence of her bodily engagement with place.

Whitney Modern Gallery, 24 N. Santa Cruz Ave

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Magic Theatre presents Barbara Hammond‘s The Eva Trilogy at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

The Eva Trilogy is a three-play cycle that appears in a single production on stage together for the first time at Magic Theatre.

Each play in the trilogy has its own perspective, landscape, and atmosphere. The three plays — Eden, Enter The Roar, and No Coast Road — are a lyrical Irish epic spanning 30 years in the life of a rebellious Irish expatriate named Eva.

The plot centers on Eva’s return to Ireland from Paris when her ailing mother begins to falter, where she then makes a fateful decision about her mother that cannot be undone. The choice Eva makes achieves legendary status in her community and haunts her for the rest of her life — the evolution of Eva’s character continues throughout the trilogy. more